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More Parent Testimonials…

“Hi all, thanks a lot for everything you have done for our daughter! “Thank you” is never enough to all the support you have provided to her. I just can’t find the words to describe how we are truly in debt to you for the great impact the team had on our daughter. She benefited a lot from everyone especially her Child Development Specialist who was very creative in terms of the exercises she had with our daughter and her dedication to her job. She made a great effort to understand our child as a person and to have our daughter get attached to her emotionally which was part of the reason why she responded very positively to the instructions she got from her CDS. Hopefully we get as much support as possible in our new city we are moving to, to be able to see more progress in our daughter’s future. Please convey our deep gratitude to the rest of the awesome team! Thanks again!”

“Lead has been a huge help to my son and our family. They support him in school and at home and they give our family ideas and tips so we can keep providing him with the support he needs to excel at school, in the community and at home. Their dedication and caring nature has allowed our family to feel special and supported and that they are doing the best they can to provide the most effective support for our son’s needs. As a result our son has made such huge strides in improving language skills, understanding and controlling his emotions and coping in social environments. We are truly grateful and thankful for all their help and support.”

“Lead has helped my daughter to excel in her development and growth, helping to prepare her for Kindergarten. The support she has received both in an out of the preschool setting has enabled her for success in her journey to learn. I’m grateful to the support team for the time, attentiveness and dedication they all pour into the work they do.”

“When my daughter started with Lead, she had already been working with a Speech Language Pathologist. We had initially been told she had a severe speech delay. You often had to look for context clues or have a parent translate what she was trying to say. Her confidence was low, she didn’t make friends easily and often would act out due to the frustration of not being understood. While she had made great gains with her SLP before Lead, it was after she started working with the Lead staff that we really saw the personality we knew she had. She started making up stories, sharing more details about her day, and growing her group of friends. The value of the work the Lead staff have put in with her is beyond measure. To our girl, and to us, they quickly became some of the most important people in her life. She recently “graduated” from the program and while we are all very thankful for her progress, all of our hearts have broken a little bit. Lead has been vital in allowing our daughter to find her voice.”

“My child is patient, calm, therefore so is our family.”

“I see how much calmer he is and how proud he is of himself when he is making progress. It makes everyone happy!”

“Within six months he was meeting his goals and enjoying preschool. He was playing well with other children, he was following the “rules” of the classroom, knew his colours, numbers and his alphabet and was chatting up a storm.”

“Our child formed loving and trusting relationships with his preschool teachers and his aid (Child Development Specialist). Lead too opened his world by giving him the tools he needed to successfully communicate and participate in not only the classroom but also at home and in the community.”

Staff Testimonials…

“I have been employed at Lead for eight years.  Being part of a team while supporting children to reach their potential is extremely rewarding.  Learning from speech, occupational and behavioral therapists has enhanced my skills and been inspiring.  I appreciate the numerous benefits that Lead offers as well, including wellness days and a health spending account”.

– Lead employee since 2008

“I have been working with Lead Foundation for over six years and have found it to be a very rewarding experience. I have gained so much from my time as a CDS as well as working in the HR department. I have found everyone here to be very supportive and encouraging. There have been many positive changes over the years and we are continuing to grow as an agency.”

– Lead employee since 2009

“I joined the Lead team at the beginning of 2013, and it was one of the best decisions of my career.  My job is enjoyable, challenging, and flexible. The work is consistently changing and therefore new and interesting every day. All of the passionate and hard-working people at Lead make coming to work every day so rewarding. I like knowing that I am truly valued both as an employee, and as a person. It has been, and will continue to be, a pleasure working in the Lead family.”

– Lead employee since 2013

“I love to work with families and support them in utilizing their strengths and the strengths of their children. It has been such a pleasure for me to be involved in family outings, which in the past would have been a source of stress due to lack of cooperation and outbursts, but with practice and support are now a bonding experience full of enjoyable family conversation. This is the joy of Lead, helping families create fun experiences and memories. ”

– Lead employee since 2013

“I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable experience in a relatively short period of time. It has sometimes been challenging but always incredibly rewarding.”

– Lead employee since 2014

“There is a real sense of community and togetherness at Lead. Every employee is important. Their opinions are important. Their contribution is valued. We work together towards the same goals and support each other along the way.”

– Lead employee since 2014

“I have never felt more supported in my role than I have with Lead”

– Lead employee since 2014

What makes people smile about being a part of the Lead team?

“Caring connections. The amazing people make such great teams”.  (Early Learning Coordinator)

“Watching children and families succeed, and having the opportunity to make a difference”.  (Behaviour Specialist)

“The collaboration with an AMAZING, talented, creative group of people”. (Clinical Manager)

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