Parents Learning Together

Building Relationships with a New School

Fall registration is ongoing, and parents have many questions regarding how to advocate for their children in the school system. Parents Learning Together invited a Lead Early Learning Coordinator to help guide families through the process.

She recommended:

  • Check out the school’s website
  • Request a school tour – you can do this before the start of school in September
  • Know how the school supports communication and resolution between home and school
  • Attend the school’s Open House and attend Parent – Teacher conferences
  • Call, visit, and email the principal
  • Play on the school playground, maybe you’ll meet other parents or children
  • Attend school council meetings – you can go before your child starts attending the school

Communicating with the School

  1. Your child’s teacher, principal, etc. want to hear from you
  2. When teachers have a relationship with parents, they know the child better, teaching and learning is improved
  3. You are not bothering a teacher with your communications; you are facilitating easier and smoother communication, especially if there is a tricky situation
  4. Don’t worry about your own communication skills!

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